"To shift our perception is to shift our reality."

Alastair, the Transformational Alchemist


The world we perceive is the world we experience. If we change that, we change the world. 


A bold claim but none the less true and it’s a lot easier to change our view of the world than the world at large! It’s like me asking you to eat an elephant, it’s easy if you do it one bite at a time. 


Let’s get metaphysical for a moment. If reality is light but organized and light is made up of three primary colors (red, blue, and green) we could use this as a framework for transformation. Working from what I call ‘Primary Light Influence Theory’ we can categorize our experience of the world in three ways: 


Red  (reactionary): a tennis match driven by external stimulus. We put everything back into the world as soon as we are presented with it without thinking. 


We aren’t stuck in a loop, we are the loop


Blue (immobilization): not giving back that which we have received. We are paralyzed by the information presented to us by thinking too much. 


Nothing happens because nothing can happen


Green (Creative transmutation): we become the lightning rod; using the same stimulus as the red and blue states but allowing it to pass through us transformed. 


Releasing yourself from yourself to be yourself!


Creative transmutation can only happen if we understand that everything we do either challenges or reinforces our perception of reality. This allows us to reflect our truth in ‘white light’. 



White light is created by combining the three primary colors of light. This means the purity of our truth is realized by observation, interaction and transmutation!



Over the course of an hour we’ll explore ‘Primary Light Influence Theory’ and cover the following ground: 



  • How our perception shapes our reality and experience

  • Reclaim pre-programmed like/dislike responses by taking ownership of our triggers

  • Transmute fear and pain into conscious actions

  • Why Joy and Curiosity are the agents of personal transformation






Alastair’s personal background is a mixture of eastern and western culture and has a foot firmly in both worlds. His upbringing enabled him to develop a ‘world-consciousness’ early on and has informed his practice. 


He began as a musician before moving into education however he found himself repeatedly being asked the same questions regarding the nature of existence regardless of where he was or what he was doing. He realized that as the world dramatically shifted in 2020 that he had been positioned to help people navigate the transforming landscape and what lies beyond. He is a student of many traditions, ideas and concepts but as a guide, endeavours to present them in a holistic, integrative and accessible system. 


His goal is to encourage a societal inversion of the pyramid. The top used to be a narrow domain that benefitted the individual whereas the top can be a wide plane with space for ideas, creativity and collaboration. By empowering individuals to see their inner work as the starting point rather than the end, this becomes a realistic possibility.  


If there is an envelope to be pushed, what would happen if we burned the envelope to see what remains to be transformed instead? 

Alastair, UK

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