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Starseed Stages

This is a check-in, just so you know others who are experiences different things at different times than you. A helpful chart I created for you to see the scope of your awakening (of course it is very generalized). You can share which stage you are in if you want to. It helps other Starseeds connect to you to where you are. Look it from an expansion outward and inward.

I didn't put the last number, 11, which is where I am...when you teach all the phases of Awakening to new Starseeds going through Re-birth and the Ascension process.

Fine Print Note: I shared this with a handful (24) other starseed groups too-a few people were confused if this is a linear list. No, it is not. It is expansive awareness over the duration of a person's life-expanding out and felt multi-dimensionally. Some people are confused if this is hierarchy, no it is a tool to help people along their path so they can see. Some people are wondering if this is a comparison list, no. This list is about the stages of growth I have witnessed with thousands of people over ten years as a shaman and people I know, including myself. I also want to reiterate that it is a general overview. Meaning, not nuanced and detailed because this process is so extensive there are speeches, youtube shows and bookshelves and amazon full of books explaining it. One person even said Source is the number, and my response. Source is the entire process. Many people are helped to get an overview to see what they are working on in the Awakening/Ascension/Remembering process. Some people felt instantly exposed and laughed and thanked me. Some people felt exposed and told me the list is trash. You make of it what you will. My suggestion is look at it for the fact that it is a beautiful notion that so many people are in the Awakening/Remembering process instead of focusing on my writing the post.

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