Pleiadian Characteristics

Pleiadian Characteristics

I am Pleiadian, this pic is of me. We come in every skin, hair color and eye color, my dad had purple-deep blue eyes, but I did not get his eyes...(I am waiting for my blue contacts to come and I can't wait to experiment with them). People think Pleiadians are only tall whites with blue eyes, that is just the ones that have visited Earth and have been documented.

Pleiadians have many characteristics and the more I study and learn about them, the more I am finding commonalities. Here are some characteristics that change from the youth to adulthood.

Youth: 💜💙 Shy and Very Warm 💜💙 Sensitive and Funny 💜💙 Want to Help People and Animals 💜💙 Empathic 💜💙 Gentle but Strong 💜💙 Agile and Physically Active 💜💙 Very Curious and Tend to be Lonely 💜💙 Want to be in the Company of Loving Friends and Family but also Loves to Be Alone...Communing 💜💙 Feels Energy and is Sensitive to Environments 💜💙 Artistic and Creative 💜💙 Feels Deeper Meaning to Things, and Can See Deeper into Other Realms 💜💙 Can see Apparitions, Spirits, Guides, Fairies, etc 💜💙 May have Extraterrestrial Visitations 💜💙 Vivid Dreams, Deep Connection to Love, God, Oneness and Friendship 💜💙 Deep Pain when Not Understood 💜💙 Deep Withdrawal if Bullied 💜💙 Gets Confused Easily if there is Violence or Chaos 💜💙 Natural Born Leader, Encourages People to be Their Best Self, and Lifts People Up 💜💙 Loves to Give Gifts 💜💙 Loves to Play with Small Things and Precious Things, Saves Momentos, is very Romantic and Fantasy Driven 💜💙 Tends to Be the Teacher's Helpers 💜💙 If Bullied Too Much will Eventually Aggressively Fight Back. 💜💙 Will fearlessly Rescue a Person or Animal in Danger Adult 💜💙 Tends to be an observer, but Quickly can Step into Leadership when Needed 💜💙 Will Allow Others to Take Their Spots or Turns in order to Help People Succeed 💜💙 Feel Peaceful and is Confused Why Others Aren't 💜💙 Will Take out Confusion on Themselves with Drugs, Alcohol and Violence if Pushed Too Far To Escape 💜💙 Feel Pain Very Deeply 💜💙 Empathetic to a Fault, Can Easily Be Victimized and Abused 💜💙 Too Much Harassment, They Can Become Fearless Warriors 💜💙 Usually Takes on Careers in Helping, Teaching, Coaching, Hospice, Art, Music, Labor, Support Roles, Sales and Service, And Speaker or Leadership Positions 💜💙 Can Easily Guide Groups or Organizations Because Sense of Community 💜💙 Cries Easily 💜💙 Needs Plenty of Quiet, Shut Down Time or They will Not Be Able to Function 💜💙 Operates Soley From a Heart-Based Center and Intuition 💜💙 Very In Tune with Other Dimensions when Shock of the Dark Knight of the Soul is Over 💜💙 Because Fixated in Helping Humanity Raise Consciousness 💜💙 Obsessed with Encouraging Others to Come out and Participate 💜💙 Love to Play, Sing, Dance and Carry On, Many Times, the Life of the Party 💜💙 Innocence is Mistaken to Be Seen as Dumb or Simple because of Heart-Centered Communication 💜💙 Misunderstood Regularly 💜💙 Has to Learn Balance as To Not Want to Give Up on Planet 💜💙 Loves, Family, Children, Animals and Nature Immensely 💜💙 Highly Advanced and Intuitive, not Easily Recognized because Deep Love of Humanity it Occurs as Everyone Else 💜💙 Dedicated Metaphysical Practitioners 💜💙 Very Physical, Sports, Outdoors and Love Making. 💜💙 Has Deep heart Centered Passions and Feels Like Ruled by Another Governing Body, Not of this World. 💜💙 Body temperature Runs Hot When in FUll Expression and Balanced Male/Female. 💜💙 Sometimes the Loudest Person in the Room, the Least Threatening Person but Should Be Cautioned To Aggregate because of fearless Warrior-Type Inner Center from Ancient Pleiadian Skills. 💜💙 Once Surrendered to Their Highest Calling, they Make Excellent Partners and Parents. They GIve Whole-Heartedly and Do Not Hold Back Love or Affection. 💜💙 They Challenge Other Starseed Lineages To Play Full Out, Fearlessly and Fully Enjoy The Human Experience.

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