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Oracle Oriah is Coming to the UK!

Shaman and Author Oracle Oriah or Oriah Starseed is a Pleiadian founder of United Starseed Connection. Oriah Mirza is a well-known shaman, author and channel helping heal people for over a decade in Malibu, CA with her husband psychic medium and trance channel Riz Mirza. She is an activator teaching The Ascension and the Awakening process, Metaphysical Healing, and new higher frequency adjusting remote viewing and more...

Sept 4,5,6
No upcoming events at the moment

Choose the right course for you

  • Ascension Tool Kit

    8 week course on Zoom
    Valid for 2 months
    • You will learn how to raise the vibration in your entire lif
    • Basic to the basics: starting over with the new you
    • Alignment with your inner & outer environment
    • Relationship Re-adjustment
    • Social Re-adjustment
    • Self Care with the New You
  • Best Value

    Weekly 2 hour Zoom

    Weekly Ascension Group Activation and Adjustments
    • You will learn how to ease into new phases of Ascension
    • Learn what Ascension is
    • Ask questions and connect with others
    • Learn how to communicate your needs
    • Learn how to connect to your Higher Self
    • Learn about your Starseed lineage
    • You will learn how to make this a graceful transition