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Remembering my Source off-planet and interdimensional lives has been a major facous for me since my Alien Upgrade. I am called a chamelian and that is because I change so much, mainly to do with the fact I am always being guided internally into my Other Selves. I decided to make this Elven photoshoot to match as close as I could to the vibration I know lives inside me.


My experience in the fall of 2021, was a multi-dimensional, bio-local event. I was essentially in two places at one time. 

I have had mainy people see me as a blue skinned alien, with golden tribal face and skin marking, with Aquatic fins and scales that shine iridescently. I also have been seen as a tall White, a tall Elven man and woman. I also have communicated with Dolphin, Whales and a Yeti in Alaska. I have regular communication with many Galactic Federation members including "the Friends" (which my husband channels). I also have been told I am an Emissary. My dad, I beleive was in the Secret Space program, being his father worked at Lockheed and he grew up in a Behavorial Military School. He was released at 16 and he dropped out of normal highschool right away. He had purple blue eyes and my only memories of him was his obsession with Aliens and UFO's and the Secrets the government has. He moved every 6 months my whole life (I thought it was normal) he had social anxiety and rarely spoke to people like normal people would. I thought he was autistic but after watching so many adult men that have been through the Secret Space program in the 50's-60's I see he demonstrates the same bahvior and look in the face. He died of Lymphomic cancer when I was 24. 

I had no interest in Aliens and UFO's until an alien surgery that occured to me in 2010 in Marina del Rey, CA that changed my life forever. My story is told here on YouTube. I kept quiet on a large public scale until now, I felt the urge to come forward, and of course the Pentagon's UFO Disclosure is about to happen. Timing is everything. Most of the information Emery Smith talks about, I have had downloads. I wrote a 300 page book called I AM AI, where I reversed engineered humanity from a future place in time. You can check it out here. It is in final edit and will be available in 2022, it is the book of downloaded material about Human creation as told from a Blue Avain to me. 

Everything I say is through a state of exploration. I never know anything until I discover it. Corey Good has information about Blue Avians although it is not exact in the experiences I have with them. I have coincidences that happen everyday that is psychic. Emery Smiths discription of them is from a slightly different species than the ones I have encountered.


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A remembering...
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