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Inspired Wisdom
by Oracle Oriah

Futurist, Author, Artist, Mother


Empath Intuitive, Shaman and Author Oracle Oriah born in Hollywood, CA on May 8th. She is a Happy Human Adventurer and Seeker of all things Metaphysical and she believes she comes from the Pleiadian star system. She is also the founder of United Starseed Connection and co-founder of Red Eagle Universal Inc. Oriah Mirza is a well-known shaman, author and channel helping heal people for over a decade in Southern California, CA with her husband psychic medium and trance channel Riz Mirza. She is an activator teaching The Ascension and awakening Process, Metaphysical Healing, Re-programming and more.

From Oracle Oriah:

Born an intuitive empath, my life was very unusual. Considering I can sense and feel so much, I felt such extreme emotions that were my own, other people's feelings and on top of that my own vivid imagination...of being able to see multidimensional visuals as well, gave me quite an extraordinary life. After decades of trying to battle in every area of my life, sprinkled with magical adventures in between I emerged stronger, wiser and more compassionate for life. I had overcome sexual and domestic violence, multiple marriages, giving birth to five children, multiple health issues from an injury, leaving a religious Christian cult I was raised in, inner city poverty upbringing, uneducated parents raising me which both have died since, being raised an only child, moving almost 15 times by the time I was 18 years old with multiple schools sometimes in one semester. I am a product of the 80's and love music and am an acrylic painter and muralist, sacred fashion designer, and interior designer. I love to make immersive experiences for people and I love to change people's lives. 

I dedicated the last 20 years to unraveling my life and understanding it. It was either that, or I would implode. 


It worked. Not only that, but after a decade of participating and leading decades worth of shamanic journeys alone, with individuals and leading groups, with my husband....I finally settled down at almost 50 years old. I took my first real breath. Not only did I find my power, made peace with my alien surgery, have shared those stories worldwide on podcasts, and have spoken at numerous global women's conferences in person about love & self-empowerment for women, but I discovered how to really be free. I am expressed fully and every day, I expand a little more each day. I have healed my body, reversed aging, studied many philosophies, religions, and anthropology, visited and lead journeys in sacred sites around the world with my husband. I have interviewed many visionaries on my video podcast which was very exciting.

I work one-on-one on a daily basis with Spirit Guides that I can see, feel and hear and also through my husband who trance channels them in our weekly Circle of Light to a live audience. I have written several futurist books that have not been published yet. 

I consider myself a futurist, a wisdom teacher that works only with the most cutting age, futuristic new beliefs for new refreshed and powerful thinking. I live my teachings, and share personal stories along with HOW you can easily transform your own life.

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Trance Channel husband Riz Mirza

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