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Channeled Pleiadian Characteristics from the Seven Sisters Star Clusters

By Oracle Oriah

















Oriah Mirza

aka Oriah Starseed

May 8th, Taurus

Shaman and Speaker

The Pleiades also is known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, are an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars in the north-west of the constellation Taurus.


Constellation‎: ‎Taurus

Distance‎: ‎444 ly on average 


The Pleiades

1st Atlas

2nd Pleione

3rd Alcyone

4th Merope

5th Electra

6th Celaeno

7th Maia

I chose to channel Pleione and not Taygeta, however, I could interchange them if I receive instructions to do so. It was a difficult decision because based on the star maps, you can count 8 star systems, and I had to choose one. Many think Taygeta was the one to choose, but I was drawn to Pleione. This channeling is fresh as of June 15th, 2020 and I have not read or studied any other channelers or Pleiadian readers because I wanted it to be unbiased. Some of my information may match and may not match other oracles or seers. My first incarnation was in Maia.

I have plans of channeling other star systems as well, but being this Pleiades is my most focused reality I will start here.


Let us begin.


Hello, I am writing to you this fine day high atop my little perch in Malibu, CA. In observing the night sky with my bare eyes I can see the most prominent star family usually almost directly above my head, the Pleiades. Where I currently reside in many of my other formations, my home away from home is the highest point, third-star system from the left. 


I will now channel for you the characteristics and joyful nature of these star beings that live within this amazing planetary system.


1st, Atlas


The first, Atlas, followed by his wife Maia and daughters. Some call them the Seven sisters and some call them the family, Atlas and Maia, and their five daughters. Either way, they are beautiful to behold both in the 3 D and interdimensional, occupying that space.


Atlasians are a group of beings with skin that is shiny gold, soft red/crimson color and very starlit. Many are brown-skinned and fluent in many languages, prepared early in the womb and at a very young age to read and write. This culture has remained a closely-knit and prominent group in their star system. Their ability to read and write early in their life has given them access to many opportunities, living very differently from their cousins, Earthlings who learn much later on. They have an excellent command of their spoken languages, it has been said that communication is the cornerstone of their civilization because of their deep wisdom accumulated over the ages of time of the importance of this. There is no stone unturned and no misunderstandings that occur, therefore their articulation is unparalleled. Connecting with each other this way, is a valuable asset and in turn, they remain close to each other and indifferent to any neighboring planets. They are looked upon as shy beings with a high intellect, long necks and smaller elfish looking ears, they sometimes can fly in their interplanetary travel with just their thoughts. They have reached a very expanded higher state of consciousness and have spent many millennia studying creation architecture and the processes of programming, the physical science that can be explored and experimented with thought so that they many continue creating fruitful lives and abundant creative outputs within their groups. They are bold in their approach to spirituality and God Self, as they revere all beings with great love and admiration. Their entire existence is made up of magic, poetry, holistic expression and beautiful loving partnerships. Many star beings are in admiration and reverence of this exquisite race of beings and spend time traveling to and from their beautiful planet learning with them and especially the Sages and the Nymphs, the eloquent Story of Creation. Early accomplished linguists and readers helped them to become avid storytellers and their incredibly deep stories are vast and intelligent touching upon the layers of Consciousness and light-hearted interpretations are weaven throughout. Overall this Starseed system is pulsating with light and love and frequent visitors, ET’s from other dimensions, bring them a multitude of gifts as offerings to be able to study with them. They have the ability to quickly learn and articulate many new languages from their Starseed visitors. Many consider them the Seeds of the Soul, the Beginning of the Civilization along with Maia. All systems that have planets that are 3 rd dimensional and interdimensional. The Pleiades is a field of energy that traverses across dimensions so it is not just this particular star system visible for the earth.


2nd, Pleione


The popular and much-loved star system from the sister group, they are the youngest of the sisters and the brightest in terms of concentrated energy expenditure. The bright Pleiones have a hearty and yet soft disposition and carry on with delight whenever given the chance to. They understand all sciences, numerology, astrology in its many forms, and the periodic tables of various star systems. Science-minded, but with a powerful sense of humor, the Pleione star system is where you want to go if you want to have a good time. Originating by a group of Starseed colonizers, they joined this exquisite location after needing to rest and dust themselves off after some interplanetary differences with other systems, they simply needed more space for their grand experiments. They are revered and loved by all of the other systems for their buoyant charisma and are considered the fun younger star system. They enjoy life immensely with each other, as they bring gifts and adoration to all who visit and meet their acquaintance. They are a thriving young civilization with beautiful clear skyscrapers with advanced glass and multi-mineral they like to experiment with elements, and they are wonderful in their organization to do so. They understand the uses of light frequencies, codes, and any and all forms of mathematical theories and calculations. With such a hefty background, you would think they are very serious, and that would be furthest from the truth. They are exceptionally thoughtful and funny, non-judgemental, and highly adventurous. Creating systems and worlds within worlds, they have learned the fundamentals of building dimensions and spend much of their time interchanging and doing transfiguration of their beautiful Avatars. Switching appearances for just the sheer entertainment and delight of doing so being they are typical Pleidain masculine-feminine beings. Many sci-fi movies and channeled art come from this planet, as this excites many Earthlings to think of such a thing in their possible future. Their skin is delicate and opalescent and they have been channeled and depicted quite accurately in the movie ‘Valerian’. Their internal character is revered in the galaxy by many star beings, as being light and airy with such a dominant understanding of frequencies, light and matter.


3rd, Alcyone


Alcyone is a strange planet, compared to the rest because of the sheer nature of their soil. Their soil is dry and dusty but their habitation takes place underground, subterranean. They have a skittish nature, for which they need to send an invitation to other beings for there to be a proper welcome by them. They are steeped in tradition and have a welcoming nature once they get to know you and your intentions. They are bright and have a mischievous nature, full of dancing, storytelling and merriment. Many have said the gypsies of Earth have a sense of originating placement here and they are forever collecting artifacts from other star systems in their travels and they bring them to their deep hives underground to decorate. They have large eyes and highly sensitive nature, they walk with ease and delicacy to their gate and they love to form long-lasting bonds with one another as they are very intimate. They do not sleep long hours but will lie awake to recharge within seconds or even minutes throughout the day and night. They are a favorite destination for many star systems because of their grand architecture that takes place underground, tremendously beautiful to behold. Their willingness to comply with their own strict rules of conduct has made them an interesting study for faraway cultures who would like to take a better look to understand the nature of this dusty civilization and their unique attributes. Their personal needs are met with all of the minerals and star seeded nutritional properties found in their vast soil, and they simply use the recourses from their land. They can be easily misunderstood because they are frequently underground and to an outsider, it can look like they are hiding. They are not, they are simply residing peacefully where they feel the best. Their rich tapestry of storytelling, emotional intelligence within their own cultures and traditions plays a major role in how they live and raise their young. They fly around in pods and lightships and have learned to transmute energy to use for their own creative expressions using solar fuel. They are full of wonder and have great stamina and live for eons. They have a fine and delicate tongue and can taste energy particles when they consume minerals and plant life. They have channeled their collective energy to Earth, and they have been picked up and received by some films and sci-fi novels. Star Wars is the most closely resembling their way by their dusty terrain and gypsy way of being and living. 


4th, Merope


The Meropians are a tall and langly shaped species that was channeled in Avatar, the movie. They have blue skin with incredible markings a highly advanced, telepathic beings with a sensitive nose that can smell up to great lengths away. The natives of this system are highly advanced species that live within their lush rainforests and they have learned to adapt to this wetland with a small web between their toes and rubbery shiny-type skin that allows them to not have to wear much covering. Their sun is closer to the surface of this lush landscape and they have much freedom to explore as much as they want. They are bright-eyed, mostly nocturnal, and highly civilized in the way they treat each other and their children. They are bountiful in their magical abilities to transmute air, water and light into nutrition and processing energy. They eat berries, nuts, grass, and a form of fish not found elsewhere. They have vast mountains and lakes, streams and powerful currents of cosmic winds and a thin barrier to the cosmic skies above them. It gives them a feeling of star beings connected to the cosmos and very in touch with nature,  matter, and all aspects of higher consciousness. They are vibrant with life and love to play and create masterful architectural wonders with their bare hands and long fingers. The inanimate objects such as trees and flowers are anything but inanimate, as they have a special bond with all plant life that is alive and responsive, and their animal kingdom too. They love shared wisdom and knowledge and believe that storytelling and creative play is the most advanced way to share information with their offspring and newcomers who stop by for a visit. Very accommodating and sharp-witted, they keep their guests entertained for hours, they have a light-hearted way about them and they like to help visitors feel welcome by having them play in their elaborate fun games and flights-of-fancy as they jump and run through the forest and fly high atop the land on floating islands that are anti-gravity and with birds of flight. They have so much love for their existence, you can feel the vibration of their powerful charm and charisma as they create loving home environments and spaces for all to gather. and be merry. They are quite in demand as a guest speaker or visitor to other planetary systems and usually, they send their two best storytellers and wind chasers to represent them on their voyages out into the cosmic sea. 


5th Electra


One of the most beautiful of all of the planets, this sister has it all, shining bluish-grey sparkling seas, perfect weather, year-round balmy conditions and a powerful center for spiritual healing and learning. The air has a fine dustlike quality to it that shimmers in the sun, the entire planet looks to be shining and glowing with iridescent sparkle. The wise elders and masters builders, teachers, vocal linguists, alchemic masters, and the like, come here for higher learning and education and healing. This planet is inhabited by smaller sized colonies much like a resort is taken care of by the live-in staff on Earth. Thre are not many inhabitants here for it is a destination for learning, rehabilitation and peaceful outcomes mainly. Souls come here to regenerate and find lasting physical and multi-dimensional healing as the waters and air are supercharged with healing microcrystals that have an extremely high charged vibration. It is a quiet and peaceful planet and there is an understanding amongst the sisters to have this planet be its own supernova, apart from the rest. It is there for the advancement and evolution of any species, all are welcome that are of high vibration. Gentle giants once roamed the land and quietly disappeared as the need for such large bodies lessened as such a large energy signature imprints became less viable in their environment. The beings that were born here do not speak any languages, per see and only know intuitive telepathy...but they are quiet about this because they find excessive chatter disarming and not an intelligent output. They find it disruptive of another's sensitive auric field and they want to honor and always give the recipient as much peace as possible, not to infringe upon their pilgrimage to their planet to uncover, discover and release whatever their soul needs to. That being said, there is a crystalline feel in the air, the sounds seem blissfully far off and never to be fully grasped of where it originates from, it sounds like small chimes or highly vibrating frequencies that come directly from certain types of animals and crustaceans. Their aquatic life is a powerful and surging one, with many visitors from the sea to their shores, they sit and watch multitudes of sea creatures play out their dramas amongst themselves as they sunbathe in the electric blue atmosphere. They are in great appreciation of this famed and fantastical fantasy-type planet by earth's standards. The Electra’s know their place in the star cluster and keeps distance from everyone so they can remain a premier destination for health, healing, and recalibration. The ancient ones stay here off and on for centuries at a time as they record their data and hone in on their advanced skills in their fields of interest. They like to play wind instruments, carved from the sea, naturally. There is no currency or energy exchange here because all beings carry the same frequencies and live in harmony with one another. Many have evolved and moved into the crystalline seas and have become largely aquatic. Many stories of mermen and ladies dot the shoreline when the full moons rise. They have three solar stars used for fuel and they have enough energy stored in vast hydration tanks to carry them in any dimension for millennia. They are excellent at capturing rays of sun and starlight and use their quiet ways to bring much delight to their fellow star beings and neighboring systems. 


6th Celaeno


The power brokers, the atomic firms and the powerful agents of alchemic reactions and actions, this is the Calaeno's. Within their world’s atmosphere, they help create the most dynamic sensory overload experience for their inhabitants, it is a capitalistic environment with the beings that live here, becomes intellectual technology is their commerce. They are playful and strong, with broad shoulders and they live to love and to play hard, they know themselves well and are bold, they bring to the universe many gifts of structure, music, harmony, and are known to be mildly temperamental at times. They could be considered to have a forceful type of nature, but they will be the first to tell you they are the magicians and the keepers of their deep DNA HiStory of Creation, and have a great connection to Source Energy, allowing their passion to be their driving force. They are highly intelligent bright and energetic with various shades of dark blue skin and brown-cream skin. Lighter skin Celaeno's amongst them, are considered to be albino and the ‘seers’ or oracles for their communication is less unbridled and they have a quieter way about them. The darker skin tone cultures carry with them many lineages from other planets as their planet was a stopover originally, a trade route for many merchants selling wears that range from minerals to advanced technology. A city brimming with mastery in arts, dance, and science, they have made their culture the one-to-watch, the one-to-follow and the one that will most likely make history amongst their Andromedan galaxy neighbors. They have adjusted nicely to their fame as they are not ashamed of their varied past and their mystical lineage so their percussive nature resonates with beautiful wisdom and magic in the hearts of anyone who visits. Many master technicians of great knowledge have traversed these elegant hallways and powerful massive media centers. A hub or center of intelligence and creative talents come from around the galaxies and share, present, and teach Celaeno's how to use their technology so they can intersperse it wisely. Many creators of popular Human Games from Earth have channeled their culture, as they resemble many of the digital multi-player characters in the games of Earth. Super Heros’ and great Mathematicians like Tesla have shared their great research and hospitality with beings across the galaxies in the ways of transfiguration and soul architecture and this energy has been transmitted to many star beings across the universe.


7th  Maia


The heart of the Pleiadian star system, Mother Maia married to Father Atlas with the 5 daughters in between. The inhabitants of these illuminated beings come at the same time Atlas was formed and is thought they came together. They then produced the five children. Maians are the Truth Seekers, the Water Bearers, and the Bringers of the Light. They are widely known as the Mother Goddess and the High Council Members as their spiritual practices are rivaled to none in many galaxies. They have a very high heart center of truth in their diction and they’re relating to one another, their ‘highest truth’ is their beacon of light transmission. They carry with them, a very powerful lineage of Lyrans and other Starseeds from many other galaxies, bringing together and forming a powerful Alliance amongst them and many other Beings in the Galaxy. They are the heartbeat of the Pleiadian star system, with an electromagnetic frequency so powerful and so strong it illuminates their cities from the inside out. They are bathed in light as bringers of harmony and powerful ability to teach and bring love to all beings. Their energy reaches very far destinations as their transmissions are ongoing to help heal beings around the universe. They work as Ambassadors, Bringers of Information, Catalysts and Truth Seekers, Oracles live here and many Ascended Masters and ‘Holy Teachers’ that have incarnated on Earth come from Maia. Their temples of Truth and Knowledge are illuminated in Light and bathed in love as any who enter will receive wisdom, healing and transmission from beings in the physical and non-physical realms. Many beings who incarnate here will also move on to other frequencies and move out of the physical. They are called the Wisdom Keepers because of their unbiased and nonjudgemental and precise communication to create a harmonic balance as a logical conclusion to create peace in any civilization. They are considered the gatekeepers of the Alliance, the Bearers of Truth, the Keepers of Light, Keepers of Knowledge, and Ambassadors of Light and Love. Most civilizations rely upon and use their deep understanding of the Universal Laws and peaceful collaboration to help them in their own societies. There is a strong electromagnetic field around them that forms a field of protection from harmful rays and other space debris that can disturb their delicate frequency transmissions that are always finely attuning like satellite dishes hat reach the farthest reaches of the universe. Being on Maia is like being in the Land of Milk and Honey as the beings here posses a level of sophisticated learning and pleasure that account for a perfectly harmonious existence.

-Oracle Oriah, June15, 2020

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