My Work


I specialize in re-programming. In order to reprogram you have to understand the current moment in order to change it. I will help you express yourself and expand the WAY YOU WANT TO. I will set up a series of phone calls and start working on an end goal for you, and help you create the most thorough and best approach to get there peacefully and gracefully. (The hardest part).


It's easy to muscle your way through making life decisions, but to do it without hurting yourself or others takes...talent. A deep understanding of your inner and outer environment. I help you to understand certain societal programs... like fear, I show you how these programs were laid in at a very young age. Fear is useful for certain things, but not for everything.


Most people live with a fried nervous system, they can't sleep, their eating habits are thrown off, and their steep peaks and valleys of emotional reactions is a roller coaster that makes them feel like they are going crazy. I help you calm all of this down, and find inner balance.


I will give you a custom program to use to help you every day and every week. Ways you can assess a situation and not see doom and gloom, but see an expansive light.


I help people in Cross Roads, where you can't make a decision, I help with deduction and logic and help you find the right solution for you.


I help people with social anxiety and fear of relationships. This one is one the hardest one, because it has to do with early programming, trauma and also deep safety issues. We go step-by-step and untangle this. It takes a bit longer if you are still very scared, but with a new 'program' and deep understanding of how you ended up will start to untangle the nest of fear of Others and you can begin a New Chapter of Your Life free.


Identity Crisis. This is self-explanatory, and easier to solve than you think, we dive deep into who you are blaming, why you are angry and what permissions you need to give to yourself. Sometimes these sessions are soft and light, and sometimes I need to kick your butt a little bit. But, in the end you find your Self in this great Cosmos.


Deep Self Regeneration. This is one of my specialties. This is for people who have suffered or currently are suffering from damage or trauma to the heart, mind or soul. I spiritually and energetically create an ICU type situation for you and with you as you begin the cleansing and rehabilitation of your trauma. Of course, this ability I have to help you with this comes from doing it for myself first, then all my children and my clients for years as a Shaman.

Plant medicine is always helpful, but not necessary as I help you find your Divine Self, and the Love that you Are. I help you to find your guides, and connect with them and teach you how to receive guidance from them. I teach you how to create a safe environment for yourself and the ones you love. This is more intensive and requires more time. I have had clients for years who are now teaching others. You would have to go on a payment plan for this one because the expertise and duration is a deep commitment for both of us. The results I have seen vary from people getting out of suicidal aspirations to actually helping others as a trauma life coach. I take people of all ages. Children require adult supervision. My husband Riz Mirza specializes in teens, especially troubled boys.

Grieving or Loss. My husband Riz is a well known Psychic Medium and Trance channel and he specializes in helping people through death (crossing over) of loved ones.


Fear in General. Maybe it is not directed at one specific thing, but Fear has taken you over and you trust no one. Not even yourself, your observations and level of understanding has created a debilitating situation where you do not know how to relate to the planet anymore. Never fear! This is my favorite type of sessions. I have the most fun with this one because the results are thorough and fast and the breakthroughs from my clients are so big and so beautiful that it makes this one, one of my favorites. I will help you learn Self Creation and start to reverse engineer your Fear so you find resolve for yourself. It is like releasing someone who got their foot stuck in a bear trap.


Sadness. You would think this one is easy, but it is not. Sadness is soggy and evasive. The good news, it is about intimacy so the avenue out of sadness can end up with a new career or artistic expression or even love. It is a great heart opener, and I will help guide you through these murky waters. My friend Erika Merriweather is a great astrology reader and can help you understand the influence of your planets as well and how to navigate thru this.


Holistic Living. I help you understand how to live a more holistic heart-centered life. I show you how you do not need heavy rules, dogma and religion to learn how to be yourself and love your life. I help you make it real for yourself. You can re-invent and re-birth and live your life the way you want to.


Being an intuitive reader as well, I help people find their path that will be the most fruitful for you in the short term and long term.