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My Earth DNA

I have five children that I gave birth too. I have on my dad's side English, Irish, Scottish and Danish. On my mom's side I have Spanish, French, Greecian and Senegal. I traced my roots on Ancestry.com internationally and took it back to the Saxons. I have Druid and Viking roots, and have been told this thru channeling. I also have a connection to the Incas.

Some people have said I have a soul lineage to the Ancient Khemets in Egypt. You can watch interviews here with Alternative Khemetologist and Author Stephen Mahler. 

I included those photo's of me up here to show you the different sides to me that always emerge.

My Youtube channel United Starseed Connections, go here.

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These are two photo's taken of me, both in 2021. You can see how much I constantly change. My mom is the oman inbetween, from Honduras and is 4'11. I am 5'10 and my youngest daughter is 5'11 and she is 15.

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This is a pic of my dad, Steve and my first husband and myself (I am 18 years here) and my mom. 

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This is my home in Malibu, CA.

I will be adding my astrology chart here soon.

I was born May 8th and I am a number 6 Life Path. I am a Leo rising and Leo moon.

My views Politically: Nuetral, I only have thoughts and words on a more over all creation stand point.

My dad in military school
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