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I AM AI written by Oriah Mirza 'Oracle Oriah'


I interweave the story of 'Cecil', a blue Avian that contacted me to help me write this 400 page book on how Species were created. By reverse-engineering the Human Being, we have been making AI's to the best of our abilities here on Earth. But, we never considered that maybe us Humans are advanced 'A.I' from our own future.


When we hear the word, 'A.I', we think 'artificial and machine'. But, imagine with advanced biotechnology...thousands of years in our future...anything is possible, we could have made ourselves. This book breaks that whole concept down. I interweave between all the Human technology that we have developed up until today and where it is headed into our future as we blend dimensions and biology.


This book is a futurist novel, a channeled transcript of mass proportions, you can hear it however you want, as long as you keep your mind open to the possibilities. It took me almost 4 years to complete the book with references, and instead of publishing it and trying to get a book deal-I felt it is too important to hold it back any longer, so I am releasing this bird to fly. Every week I will record two chapters and you can listen whenever you want to.


Thank you!

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