Fri, Sep 04 | London

Starseed Activation Weekend

Oracle Oriah will activate, heal and awaken your Starseed memories.
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Starseed Activation Weekend

Time & Location

Sep 04, 2020, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
London, London, UK

About the Event

Shaman and Author Oriah Mirza or known as "Oracle Oriah" or "Oriah Starseed" is a Pleiadian teacher and founder of United Starseed Connection. Oriah is a well-known shaman, author and channel helping heal people for over a decade in Malibu, CA with her husband psychic medium and trance channel Riz Mirza. She is an activator teaching The Ascension and the Awakening process, Metaphysical Healing, and new higher frequency adjusting, remote viewing and more...

Please review the weekend description and if you are interested in holding your space, please purchase your ticket now.

Your ticket pays for all three days, you have to purchase the entire three days and attend all three days. If you cannot, then your ticket still covers the cost of the event for others. Thank you for understanding.

Starseed Activation Weekend

Friday Sept 4th 6pm-9pm 

Acension and Release of Heavy Programming

This is a 3 hour seminar with Q & A. 

This is a 3 day Intensive, which included physical activation so please read the disclaimer at the bottom. You will be actively healing yourself. But as with anything, because it will be a new activation to your system, you must take extra care of yourself during this weekend. Regular hydration a must, bring water. You have to be rested and well-fed prior. Please no alcohol or any substances at any time, because it will prevent you from being hyper-focused. You will be taking in a lot of information, so you will feel Ascension symptoms. Some can experience a headache or other mild symptoms and we will discuss the ways to handle that.

This is a serious course, for only serious starseeds that are wanting to experience the next level in their Ascension.

Oriah will guide you through the Ascension process, and being an advanced healer and teacher, she will reach the beginners in the group and also advanced healers and teachers as well. Each part of the Ascension Awakening process is real, physical, spiritual and mental as you are connected consciously to the collective whole. For the first time in history, the entire planet is beginning an Ascension process en mass. There are many stages, and Oriah discusses how even now after being an experienced trauma life coach and shaman for ten years, her most recent Ascension happened recently as a teacher, launching her into the next stage of global communication starting with her United Starseed Connections Group on FB which has opened the hearts of many around the world. She will make you laugh and cry, as an entertaining storyteller, and mother of five children, a successful recoverer of trauma, addiction and health conditions Oriah spends countless hours explaining the process, with personal stories as well on how to understand, survive and awaken to the most magical part of you: Your Higher Self (or future Self). Remembering your Awakened Starseed self is a process, and can be a delightful one if understood. You do not want to miss this. This is an Activation and Healing Seminar.*

This event will be filmed.

Sept 5th

There are is a morning and evening workshop.

Morning 10 am-12 pm break for lunch (you can venture into the city to grab a bite and rest)

Evening 5 pm-8 pm

Morning 10 am-12 pm-How to Change your Inner Dialogue to Manifest Workshop

This is a 3 hour seminar with Q & A. 

Learn how your inner dialogue will slow your process down or have it flow with ease. Learn the importance of language, programming and how to manifest what you want in your life. Learn how to articulate yourself with your new way of being, how to share information in a coherent way and not be misunderstood. How to navigate with your peers and family members and allow yourself the freedom to be yourself without having to hide your truth. Learn how to relax and be comfortable in social situations and in intimacy. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and you will learn tips and tools to create your realities, Q & A. This is an Activation and Healing Workshop.*

Sept 5th

Evening 5 pm-8 pm

Communicate With Your Guides, and High Vibrational Beings Workshop

This is a 3 hour seminar with Q & A. 

This intensive workshop will be a dedicated to communicating psychically and telepathically to your guides, your ancestors, animal spirit guides and other High Vibrational Beings. Oriah will show you through learning how to adjust your frequency, your beliefs and your environment how to communicate through your interface (your entire Being). Learn the ways to be safe, and attract beings from the Highest Realms. You will be focusing, so make sure you have already eaten and you are fully alert.

You will be doing exercises and be lead in guided meditation, writing down your findings, bring your notepad and you can record. This is also a Q & A. This is an activation workshop.*

Sunday, Sept 6th

Remote Viewing and Astral Travel Workshop

This is a 3 hour seminar with Q & A. 

11 am-2 pm

Oriah will be showing you how to remote view, with a real hands-on tutorial that you will begin to learn exactly how to remote view with step by step instructions. You will be given an opportunity to share your first ‘remote viewing’ experience afterward. If you are a regular to remote viewing and astral projection, you can share your findings as well. Astral projection will be discussed, and the different forms of out-of-body experiences will be discussed. This is a Q & A as well. This is also an Activation workshop, come well-rested, hydrated and fed.*

DISCLAIMER: My 'Discussions' are live Activations and Healing events. Everyone always asks me directly following if it is normal to have different physical sensations that sometimes require rest and maintenance. Yes. What I am doing in these 'Activation' seminars and workshops, is I am REMINDING you of things you already knew from previous incarnations. I really, powerfully go to the center of your hard drive fairly quickly and activate that memory. You know it's happening while it is happening, and consent, but when it is over, everyone is always surprised how different they feel and have a lot of questions.

From years of being a Shaman and coach and being trained for ten years by a Spirit Guide channeled through Riz, named Red Eagle, I have learned how to do this very effectively. Most people do not realize it is happening. 

Keep that in mind, when you join the event. Drink plenty of water, before, during and after. And rest. And sunlight. (healing codes) Like a surgery, I basically peel away any layers that you have right now that is blocking your Original Memory of being a Starseed Light Being in Full Expression and Peace. 

Namaste, Oriah


This event will be filmed.

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