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Pleiadian Extra-Dimensional Communicator 

Raising the vibration of your life

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 Oracle Oriah, a Multi-Dimensional Communicator. Raising the vibration of your life. Everything is Vibration, Frequency, and Energy in an Emotional Reality Existing Concurrently in a Multidimensional Version of your Perspective.


We are in a growth period learning compassion, rippling out into the Universe.

We live in an Experimental Earth playing out Galactic issues on a smaller scale expanding our own Consciousness to Evolve ourselves and others. We are learning polarities and how to neutralize extremism. I am an intuitive empath, Oracle, telepathic, multi-dimensional communicator.

Love is the Truth

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The surgery was a multi-dimensional one where I was convulsing and thought I was going to die in this 3 D reality and the extraterrestrials were physically working on me while I was in between dimensions. I was visited a week prior by little greys. Since then my life has been devoted to understanding my new system and sharing the constant downloads and information with people on a professional level, helping them upgrade too. But through re-programming. 

The week after I came forward news broke out about the Pentagon’s UFO disclosure, so I knew the timing was right for me to share. I have had no prior health concerns, mental illness or anything of the sort. I am a mother of five successful children.

It’s totally ok if you do not believe in me, my story or the topic. This story is not for you.

I am interested in doing as many podcasts as I can to share my story as more and more people are reaching out to me and telling me they have had similar experiences. If you would like to me as a guest on your show, please contact me at

If you want to share how you feel or any experiences you have had, I would like to hear too. 

I experienced an alien upgrade surgery and I was never the same.

I discovered years later, they did a forced Awakening to me. 

This is my never-been-told before extraterrestrial alien encounter. Ten years ago, extraterrestrials visited me and did a life-changing upgraded surgery on me. 

I am the wife of trance channel, psychic medium Riz Mirza. I thought for sure that is why I was targeted. The surgery left me a different person and I ended up learning how to work with extrasensory abilities, essentially an upgrade took place on my hard drive of my brain so to speak. A few weeks ago I came forward for the first time and I told my story on Youtube, first my back story (my psychological profile), then the actual incident. Then, I explain the aftermath. I breakdown in detail how I integrated this advanced technology into my life. Some people have said I was cloned.

This is my new life and I share personally how it has been for me for the last ten years. This is the first time coming out and discussing this very intimate and personal story. It took me all this time to gather the courage to do it. I am so glad I did. It was like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My husband agrees my personality changed drastically after this incident took place in Marina del Rey, CA in 2010.

I would like to share my story with other people who have had alien encounters, and I will be sending it out to various UFO groups. I finally found a credible hypnotherapist that I have been looking for for years so I can go deeper and remember more. I am preparing to have my first ever session and film it. I also recently discovered that I believe my father was in the Secret Space program because he was born in the mid 40’s in Southern California, raised in behavioral center Military School until he was 16, his father was an inventor at Lockheed Int and he had heavy social anxiety and moved every 6 months while I was growing up. He was obsessed with UFO’s and always told me to never believe what I see. 

I rejected UFO’s and Aliens because of over saturation as a child and that’s why this was such a surprise they found me, but I am not surprised anymore.


A S C E N T I O N   P R O C E S S 

Oracle Oriah has lead thousands of people globally thru the Ascension process including her own since her Alien upgrade. She is a master shaman now and trauma life coach in Malibu, CA for ten years and intimately works with people struggling through the Ascension process full time as they are trying to reconnect to their Starseed roots and find balance and peace on Earth. She speaks regularly and has books that can help people through the upgrade process.

Many things can spark an Awakening. You can be triggered by the loss of a loved one (most common), an accident, a catastrophic world event (s), trauma over time, life or death experiences, and/ or a relationship breaking up. 

You will come to find out these are pre-planned events that are co-created by a collective consciousness (where we all agree) for these events to occur, so we can all have an opportunity to rise into our Higher Selves by being Activated. If you are resonating or experiencing any of these things you came to the right place.

"Living by your own creed takes guts, living in harmony and peace takes your whole soul, living peacefully within yourself takes a powerful sense of Oneness, and living in the future and the past while navigating the present takes style." -Oriah Mirza


YouTube Video Channel

Ascension simply means moving from one 'frame of reference' or 'perspective to another.' When you become activated, you will know as you feel another world or part of you is calling you. An urge to dive in deeper into more spiritual or esoteric information and experience will feel inevitable as you are feeling yourself changing more and more each day.

You are looking outside of the 'norm' and the 'way things are' into other realms where you can connect to and be your True Authentic Self.

With our current times, more people are feeling Activated and going through the Ascension process than at any time in history. Oriah has been guiding groups and individuals through this process for many years and has perfected the simple stages and effects one could experience. The most advanced healers have found solace and peace in their more advanced stages of Ascension.


Oriah's training comes from transforming her life out of becoming a statistic, having raised five grown children, marriage, consulting and training in ontology (the study of being), 10 plus years as a trauma life coach, trained exclusively for ten years by Red Eagle, a Native American Spirit Guide whom her husband, trance Channel Riz Mirza has publically channeled thousands of times worldwide in the Circle of Light,  in front of large live audiences. Red Eagle has trained her in Shamanism and also the Ascension process and she is considered one of the most loving and compassionate speakers and Ascension teachers known.

My extra terrestrial, multi dimensional communication


In my deep channeling and shamanic work I have done over the years I have come to realize one of my main life expressions is Aquafarian Pleadian. I connect and work with all types of whales, dolphins and I carry Mermaid energy. I live a few steps from the ocean and have to be close to the water. I have spoken this dolphin language through trance channeling in front of groups of people. They modify my voice box and they push my vocal cords to the extreme when I channel them, it hurts my throat and neck so I do not want to do physically again so I only do telepathy.


On Cosmic Disclosure, Emery Smith and David Wilcock talk in depth about our species in Cosmic Disclosure.

Go here. 


I also have a strong Elven life, which is just as complex as I have upgraded through many levels of consciousness through the Elven communities and now am working at a High Eleven level. It is very contradictory to what you see, for the Higher in Consciousness the more silent and more refined and quiet you become. There is a grand quality of course, but it is because the humility and exposure to such knowledge of Creation, you become surrendered in your grace for being apart of the larger consciousness and aware of the part you play. The humility is so great, it comes across as Grand or Majestic or All Knowing, it is just the more you know and feel, and see the more awake or Conscious you are…the more humble you become. This is the Way of Light faring beings.


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"Having worked with Oriah for a short time so far I have found her wisdom and perspective to be invaluable. Her knowledge, experience, care and consideration towards all is exemplary. I feel that Oriah is a valuable teacher for our times, having been a lifelong seeker and to meet at such a transformative time for our society has been a gift. The path of the seeker is one that is rich with jewels to spark the imagination and knowledge that can chill the soul. With all this in mind, Oriah takes a middle path beyond duality placing emphasis on observing all processes without judgment, guiding all according to their gifts to allow individuals to fully flourish along their path." Al Ballentyne

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First Book~Little Book of Sanity by Oracle Oriah

How can you find sanity in a little book, author Oriah Mirza condenses her ten years of shamanic training, coaching and leading into a funny humorous book that will snap you right into sanity!

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