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Welcome to my little slice of heaven! My husband Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz Mirza have been serving the greater Los Angeles area and Internationally as Shamans, Mystics and Healers for over a decade. We both have incredible stories of our life that we have had to heal ourselves through trauma, loss and more. Through Riz's trance channeling Spirit Guides privately and publically in large groups to myself and also worked alongside him (and also the guides themselves) leading people in Shamanic journeys for so many years combined with my years of life coaching I have organically become a professional Intuitive Empathic Wisdom Teacher, a profession not acknowledged by mainstream society yet.


I consider myself a futurist, a wisdom teacher that works only with the most cutting age, futuristic new beliefs for new refreshed and powerful thinking. I live my teachings, and share personal stories along with HOW you can easily transform your own life.

We are still on the fringe, aren't we? But, my prediction is these types of professions will be the main sources of education and healing for the world in the future. Due to demand, traditional means of healing and therapy has become limited and people are seeking for more. To find out what we do on a larger scale. 

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An in-depth intensive on how to create 2023 to be a higher vibrational and happier year using empowered wisdom teachings from Oriah Mirza

Make sure this new year you are ready to be in your spiritual grace and personal freedom so you can be healthy, compassionate and loving. The world needs you, needs us. The world needs to see bright shining healers in every corner of this planet. We need to uplift each other and ourselves. Here is your toolkit and the beginning of much more to come for you to feel rejuvenated and strengthened to be able to help yourself, your family and friends. This is the time to step out and be willing to change your life.

A guided meditation lead by Oriah with Kaur music prior to each talk to drop in and re-center to provide the vulnerable space to recieve.






JAN 7TH WORKSHOP 1   (Day: 11 am-1 pm & Afternoon 3pm-5pm)

DTBD WORKSHOP 2.        (Day: 11 am-1 pm & Afternoon 3pm-5pm)

JAN 14TH WORKSHOP 3  (Day: 11 am-1 pm & Afternoon 3pm-5pm)

DTBD WORKSHOP 4.        (Day: 11 am-1 pm & Afternoon 3pm-5pm)

Location: LA Area, the address will be given

Welcome to your new life!

I have the strong belief that we owe ourselves, our family and friends and humanity as a whole a safe and healthy....and dare I say holistically peaceful life. It is what we really want for ourselves, but we see the world in its purging state and the chaos that is ensuing and we wonder if we cannot stop it. 

I believe that we all have this gut feeling, those who are reading this, that there is something we can do about it. We all know that we haven't fully dug deep inside ourselves to pull out the superhero, the healer, the teacher, the guide...the intuitive being that can bring chaos into harmony. But, before you can heal the world, who do you have to heal first? That's right. You.

That's not bad news, that's good news. It is not about whether you have the energy or strength to heal yourself and in turn, others. It is about healing the part of you that cannot FEEL that authentically talented and powerful healer you are. What does it take to be a healer? The most simplest acts can be constituted as a healer, but have you really started healing yourself? As we dive deep into the 4 most common painful topics, I will help you find your strength.


I will help you begin the process of breaking free from old thought patterns, and letting go of stories that create a toxic environment inside you and around you. Changing the way you see things, and subsequently how you speak to yourself and others will put you on a bright shiny path to your higher vibrational and happier existence. We all want that, don't we?

There's no better time than the new year to embark in a new way of processing life, learning how to really help others, diving deep into programming, and understanding how we live in our own toxicity and don't even know it. Elevate your standards, your love, your power, your Divine calling, your beauty, your desires for a better life and the stand you will take to make that happen for you. 

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Wisdom Teachers & Mystics

Meet your Wisdom Teachers, authors, Riz Mirza and Oriah Mirza. Riz Mirza is an internationally known master Full Trance Channel and Psychic Medium.

Oriah is a Highly Intuitive Empath, artist and mother of five. Together they have dedicated their lives to helping people find their Higher Purpose and heal from pain and suffering. 

They are known for their contemporary but otherworldly approach and Riz has channeled to thousands of people in his Circle of Light gatherings around the world along with his in-depth and healing mediumship sessions.

Riz is well known as one of the only top full trance channels of our generation that is known to channel publically and gives individual personal messages to the entire group. Also, he is the only one who has channeled over 100 different well-known spirit guides, all documented and recorded in front of a live audience consistently for over ten years. He has also channeled a record 5 hours straight in front of a packed studio, giving individual messages while in trance. He is also a skilled psychic medium delivering precise messages since he was in his 20's.