Raising the vibration of your life

Many things can spark an Awakening to begin with. You can be triggered by the loss of loved one (most common), an accident, a catastrophic world event (s), trauma over time, life or death experiences and/ or a relationship breaking up. 

You will come to find out these are pre-planned events that are co-created by a collective consciousness (where we all agree) for these events to occur, so we can all have an opportunity to rise into our Higher Selves by being Activated. If you are resonating or experiencing any of these things you came to the right place.

"Living by your own creed takes guts, living in harmony and peace takes your whole soul, living peacefully within yourself takes a powerful sense of Oneness, and living in the future and the past while navigating the present takes style." -Oriah Mirza

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Ascension process

Oriah Starseed has lead thousands of people globally thru the Ascension process including her own. She is a master shaman and trauma life coach in Malibu, CA for ten years and now intimately works with people struggling through the Ascension process full time as they are trying to reconnect to their Starseed roots and find balance and peace on Earth.

Ascension simply means moving from one 'frame of reference' or 'perspective to another.' When you become activated, you will know as you feel another world or part of you is calling you. An urge to dive in deeper into more spiritual or esoteric information and experience will feel inevitable as you are feeling yourself changing more and more each day.

You are looking outside of the 'norm' and the 'way things are' into other realms where you can connect to and be your True Authentic Self.

With our current times, more people are feeling Activated and going through the Ascension process than at any time in history. Oriah has been guiding groups and individuals through this process for many years and has perfected the simple stages and effects one could experience. The most advanced healers have found solace and peace in their more advanced stages of Ascension.


Oriah's training comes from transforming her life out of becoming a statistic, having raised five grown children, marriage, consulting and training in ontology (the study of being), 10 plus years as a trauma life coach, trained exclusively for ten years by Red Eagle, a Native American Spirit Guide whom her husband, trance Channel Riz Mirza has publically channeled thousands of times worldwide in the Circle of Light,  in front of large live audiences. Red Eagle has trained her in Shamanism and also the Ascension process and she is considered one of the most loving and compassionate speakers and Ascension teachers known.

A place to hang out and connect with other starseeds


ANNOUNCING Starting up this very important and timely 'The Ascension Tool Kit 8-week 2 hour Course' with yours truly.

1 x a week for 8 weeks


I have begun sign-ups now! We will begin soon.

It will be during the weekday, evenings for the UK and Aus and morning for Pacific West Coast.


This is a customized tool kit to help you organize your life and recalibrate, you can have a healthier and more beneficial experience when you are Ascending.


I will show you:

How to get through an Ascension process and come out in one piece in the most effective and pleasurable way possible.

These are Highly Activating discussions that require rest afterward and plenty of water before, during, and after. A disclaimer will be shared on the below.

The dates will start end of June and we will meet on Zoom once a week for 8 weeks. We will meet 11 am PDT so everyone worldwide can join.


To reserve your space with your payment, go here:

(If you want to learn more, there are a variety of videos I made for you to watch)



See you soon!

Weekly-2 Hour-"Raise your Vibration" Zoom Group

Based on a successful Discussion Pods for Starseeds (anyone born from the stars and are wanting to know about it their lineage) with Oriah moderating on a FB group she founded May 12th called, United Starseed Connections which in three weeks attracted 25, 000 comments and interactions out of less than 500 active members wanting to know more of their origins.

Coupled with the ascension process, Oriah has been hosting these groups and now brings to you a 2 hour Ascension series on the A-Z of the Ascension process and tips and tools to make it easier. It is interactive and all levels encouraged.

"Having worked with Oriah for a short time so far I have found her wisdom and perspective to be invaluable. Her knowledge, experience, care and consideration towards all is exemplary. I feel that Oriah is a valuable teacher for our times, having been a lifelong seeker and to meet at such a transformative time for our society has been a gift. The path of the seeker is one that is rich with jewels to spark the imagination and knowledge that can chill the soul. With all this in mind, Oriah takes a middle path beyond duality placing emphasis on observing all processes without judgment, guiding all according to their gifts to allow individuals to fully flourish along their path." Al Ballentyne

DISCLAIMER: My 'Discussions' are live activations, I always forget to mention that! Everyone always asks me directly following if it is normal to have different physical sensations that sometimes require rest and maintenance. Yes. What I am doing in these 'Activation' Discussion Pods, is I am REMINDING you of things you already knew from previous incarnations, in a certain way. I really, powerfully go to the center of your hard drive fairly quickly and activate that memory. You know it's happening while it is happening, and consent, but when it is over, everyone is always surprised how different they feel and have a lot of questions.


From years of being a Shaman and coach and being trained for ten years by a Spirit Guide channeled through Riz, named Red Eagle, I have learned how to do this very effectively. Most people do not realize it is happening. A starseed, Tom, had a very intense activation because he is going to be coming out with all of his talents and abilities to share with the world as an indigo/crystal child and he is very sensitive so this realization/activation really was a big one for him. So good!

Keep that in mind, when you join the Discussion Pods. Drink plenty of water, before, during and after. And rest. And sunlight. (healing codes) Like a surgery, I basically peel away any layers that you have right now that is blocking your Original Memory of being a Starseed Light Being in Full Expression and Peace. So It is very Activating.


Little Book of Sanity

How can you find sanity in a little book, author Oriah Mirza condenses her ten years of shamanic training, coaching and leading into a funny humorous book that will snap you right into sanity!

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